Throwback Post, “Fummer”

This was a post that I originally wrote in 2016, but as that time of year is upon us again, I thought it was worth resharing.  Happy Fummer, all!


September 12, 2016 lasvacina
Fall was in the air today, and boy, did that make me happy. I’m a fall girl. I love summer in THEORY, but the reality of the situation is that I’m a chubby girl with thick, wavy hair that goes bonkers in the heat and humidity, and I just spend most of the summer looking like a damp cotton ball.It’s a total buzzkill. But fall? Fall is the season of sweatshirts and blankets and boots and football and apples and pumpkins and so many other things that make me so happy. I got married in fall. In fact, I had my wedding weekend picked out long before I met my husband – the second weekend of October, when the weather would be not too hot, not too cold, and the leaves would be brilliant. If I was lucky, it would be one of those days where the clouds were super dark, but the sun was still brightly shining, creating all the drama and beauty a girl could want on her wedding day. Of course, it rained so hard on our wedding day that there were livestock warnings because the local sheep and pigs and cows might get swept away in the raging waters, but we were surrounded by bittersweet and pumpkins and the warmth of candles and twinkling lights and everything was perfect. The rain even stopped JUST long enough for us to take outdoor pictures – and we got some great rain pictures too! (Please forgive this shameless excuse to share some wedding pics.)

Part of what is so special about fall is how fleeting it is. While the calendar says fall goes from September 21st-ish to December 21st-ish, ACTUAL fall in Wisconsin lasts for a few glorious weeks in September and October. By late October, the leaves are gone, and the chill of early winter is already starting to set in. My husband’s cousin has a label for all these “mini seasons.” Fummer, Fall, and Finter. Out of these, my favorite is Fummer. The days of Fummer are warm enough to be outside without bundling up, but cool enough to wear a long sleeve shirt and boots. The evenings are crisp, and if you leave the windows open you get just the right amount of chill in the house to warrant an extra cozy blanket on the bed. If you’re lucky, the smell of a neighbor’s bonfire will waft into your bedroom. The honeycrisp apples are just about ready, and the leaves are beginning to hint that a change is coming.
And if you blink you’ll miss it all.
Fall is all about seizing the moment…squeezing every drop of life out of each day before the dead of winter sets in.
So what in the world does this have to do with furniture?? Well, as my ode to fall and in an effort to seize the moment, I painted an orange dresser. ORANGE. Guys, for all my fall love, I can’t say I’m an orange lover. It has its place…like on a pie…in my mouth…but that’s about as far as my appreciation for orange goes. But I like a challenge, so I decided to try to do a piece in orange that even I liked. And guess what! I did!
This piece was in pretty good shape, so a good cleaning and rough sanding was the only prep it needed. I also wanted knobs, not pulls, so I filled the existing holes and drilled new ones. For paint, I used Old Fashioned Milk Paint in Pumpkin, which is really about as close as you can get to the perfect orange. Not too bold, not too muted…I honestly love it. I didn’t use any type of bonding agent, and it chipped really nicely and naturally along some of the edges.

This is one of those pieces that I can’t stop looking at, because I really thought I might hate it. But I don’t. I kind of love it. It’s Fummer in a dresser. And I know this little piece might be a hard sell. It will take just the right person, with just the right space. That’s ok. Because when it does sell, someone will have a little piece of Fummer in their lives all year round…and that’s a thought that makes me smile.

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